04 May 2008

more 'before' than 'after'

I uploaded these photos on Sunday and I've only just found the time to write something about them. Well, not even found the time, more like pinched it from other things I should be doing. Anyhoo, this is me preparing the lounge room wall for painting. It got water damaged when the hot water cylinder on the other side blew. This was about 4 years ago and the water got trapped in the old wall cavity with the end result of rising damp. Our exterior walls are double brick and the interior are single brick with all being rendered. There's some bigger holes than the ones shown, now I'm just waiting for it all to dry out (which it has now) so I can re-render - then paint!!

It's the last room to be painted and then we'll finally be free of the apricot which is 20 years old, and it shows. I'm sorry but back in the 80's when apricot decor was popular I still hated it, it always made me feel cold and depressed. I'm really looking forward to painting this room, we just have to borrow the scaffolding again though, our ceilings are too high for comfortably painting on a ladder.

So here's another 'before' photo, yeah it's messy -

And here's the 'after', still a bit messy -
One of our latest purchases from a farm auction, a lovely old meat safe in the same style as our other dressers. It's so gorgeous but the only problem is that the doors open the wrong way and we have to try and find some opposite latches as these ones only work one way.

This means we've only got the sink unit left to replace, yay. We have an old house, so do a lot of people in Launceston and they're really beautiful and some are being restored while some are being renovated. My problem is that people are spending a lot of money putting a brand spanking new kitchen in these houses but what's going to happen in 10 - 20 years time? They'll be old and outdated kitchens again. What we're trying to do is create a new 'old' kitchen. We hope to replace the sink with a nice big porcelain one, so this means a unit custom built to house it. That's fine by me!


  1. That wall looks like a lot of fun!! We had baby pink all through our house when we moved in. Only laundry has it now thank goodness!! Happy Painting! Cathyxx

  2. It's great to have before and after pictures.

    What colour will you be swapping for the apricot?

    I like your idea of making "old" new.

    Hope all is well with you!

    I'm good, new job is more than what I thought.


  3. wow, look at that wall in your loungeroom, I'm sure you will make it beautful, I look foreward to seeing the finished photo.
    Thankyou Jen for joining my pay it foreward challenge.
    Talk to you soon
    Love Leanne

  4. It took me a minute to figure out what looked strange about your kitchen - then it hit me: the draining board! god I haven't seen one of those in ... well, not since I moved to Canada. I guess they find them unsightly? It's a pain in the arse not having them, we find, cause the water gets everywhere, but maybe it won't go with a porcelain sink?

  5. Sorry Alice, should have mentioned that the whole house interior is white (Antique White USA by Dulux). You can see it in the kitchen photos. Each room has it's own chimney which has been painted in a feature colour though.

    I thought you must have been busy with the new job, nice to see you back on-line a bit more!!