29 April 2008

she's a good doggy

Like most dogs she loves to ride in the car. When we're packing for Bruny she won't let us out of our sight, and we nearly trip over her while carrying our bags etc. to the car. This is her usual position whilst we're waiting in the ferry queue.

She had a treat this weekend though. Friends of Debbie's were visiting from Queensland and had their boxer Lara with them. She's still a pup but this didn't stop our 8 year old from playing. Their chains went in opposite directions so they never got tangled once, a fun time as had by all.
We had an early tide to take advantage of on Saturday and Sunday morning, this is what greeted us on Saturday. I'm so glad I had my camera with me.
About 2 hours later the wind picked up and the entire scene changed. The tide came rushing in and covered the racks too early and the water was all choppy. Such is the life of an inter-tidal oyster farmer!


  1. Love your pictures. We have two Boxers, they are wonderful. Dogs rule! Such a great attitude. :-)

  2. What an absolutely amazing photo!!
    Almost worth a frame!! Cathyxx

  3. Truely beautiful photo of the lease Fer...
    I hope you enjoyed your night out Firday... I sure did...oops.. ;o)
    Mark got me home into bed just in time for him to get changed and head off for work... haha
    Suffered badly for my efforts tho... Oh well such is life..
    Meal was divine and I have promised Mark we will go back when i am sober...

  4. Hey Jen,

    That picture of the oyster beds would make a great landscape quilt. *giggle*

    I can give you some pointers if you like...

    *ducks as empty oyster shells are incoming*

    Just what you need, another quilt idea, eh?


  5. Oh Alice don't give me ideas!! :D

    I have thought it would be nice to have the photo blown up and printed onto canvas, then stretched onto a frame. A friend did that with a photo he took and gave it to us as a wedding present - looks fantastic.


  6. Jen...

    Me? Would I give you ideas... hee hee hee.

    The canvas idea would be nice too!