02 April 2008

good karma

Yesterday was a good day.

Work was busy but I managed to clear up a few niggly things so I felt good for that.

At about 2pm Gail from the chiropractors office rang to see if I could help her, or rather, another client out of a fix and wondered if I'd mind changing my appointment from 4pm to 5pm on Wednesday. I agreed straight away and Gail was so grateful. I felt good for this also.

At 4pm I rocked up to my hairdressers only to find out that I'd been double booked. When my appointment was made 6 weeks ago it was penciled in with the only available pencil to hand, very blunt and faint. One of the other girls must have seen it and thought it looked rubbed out with an eraser, hence 2 appointments made over the top. My hairdresser was very apologetic and said she'd still accommodate me but I said it was no biggie and was happy to reschedule to next week. She was also very grateful and is going to throw in a full treatment and head massage. I'm gonna feel good next Tuesday.

Seeing as I was already in town I thought I'd have another go at trying to find a new winter cardigan, my old one was looking a bit ratty. Especially as a bit of battery acid was spilled down the front, don't ask. I thought I'd try Myer as I had some gift vouchers from my birthday last year. I found this -

and fell in love. It's quite thick too and has been knitted in a moss stitch, the yarn is a rayon/nylon/wool/angora/cashmere blend - man! I'll probably curse the short sleeves but what the hey, I'm feeling good!


  1. Hope you are feeling better Fer...
    You sounded terribly miserable today girl...
    Lovin the cardi...
    I wore a cardi to work yesterday and Mark said i looked grannyfied.. hahaha
    Yup thats me.. granny oneday and then a biker chick the next...
    Cheers Nannette

  2. That's a cute cardigan. I've never seen one with short sleeves... I quite like it!


  3. Hey there Fer... Just popped by to say I hope you are feeling heaps better today..