23 April 2008

material girl

Now that Tara has her birthday present I can show a photo of it. The girl loves red, and polka dots are just the best. I really like the effect of the polka dot lining on the leather straps. Inside the bag was this darling little necklace found on Etsy -
courtesy of Littleput Books. The picture is applied to the back of a scrabble tile and comes in a little tin with a sliding lid. She has a lovely blog too if you're interested.

Tuesday the 22nd was our 2nd wedding anniversary and treated ourselves to a meal at Fee & Me. It's quite pricey but hey, it's worth it - especially if it's only once a year and the food (and wine) is absolutely superb. I was tempted to take the camera and take photos of each dish as they're a feast for the eyes as well as the palate but thought I'd better not. I wish I had as the couple on the table next to us had theirs with them. Oh well, maybe next year!

In between courses Ant took my hand and suddenly placed a ring on it, an eternity ring -

Total surprise. I clearly remember uttering the words "gob smacked" as I had no idea he'd done it (both our eyes welled up too!). An old diving mate of Ant's is a jeweler and made my engagement ring to our specifications, with a sapphire in the middle and surrounded by pearls, as I'm not a diamond type of girl. Tim tried to talk us out of pearls as they don't hold like diamonds do (I can't get the ring wet for example), but in the end we got our way and Tim has a little stash of replacement pearls on hand. I've only lost 2 so far and it was only a few weeks apart when this happened, that's when Ant had Tim fashion the eternity ring to fit snugly around the engagement ring. They had discussed using sapphires instead of pearls for this ring but Ant said pearls are my stone. I queried that, they're not really stones though are they? "Well, pearls are your spat then" he casually replied. The man's got class.



  1. Awww isnt he the sweetest... haha... sooooo glad you love it and had a very special night...
    Ahhh they just love thier secrets hey!
    Have a fantastic weekend....
    Mine has started fabulously... no kids.. a bottle of scotch... and a wood fire.. no work tomorrow.. and now bed.. bliss.. what more can I ask for!
    Cheers Nannette (aka Fiona/ Wanna)

  2. How romantic, lucky girl!! Gorgeous ring and i love the dotty bag too!! Cathyxx

  3. So nice, it really complements the engagement ring :) I like the pearls too (not a big fan of diamonds either), and I've always thought this one of the loveliest rings.

    Can't believe it's been two years already!

  4. Beautiful!! Lucky girl!!