11 April 2008

Too many sewing machines? Nah

I've updated my Flickr photos also. I didn't have one of the hand crank either and it was real fun to have them all sitting together, my little family. Of course there's two more, The Thug is naturally too big to be in this shot and my old Singer treddle is packed away, this machine doesn't work either as the tension discs are a bit rusty. It's probably something I could easily replace, one day.....

While I was fiddling with Fanny Featherweight, Ant presented me with a little present - the buttonhole attachment that we saw on Ebay and I mentioned here the other day. The boy really does have his moments! But it's also a ploy, it justifies him spending money on the Mini Moke he bought a few weeks ago that needs a bit of work. So now I can't really complain about him purchasing the Moke against my wishes. He can be very cunning when he wants to!

Oh and an update with Fanny. It appears the timing might be out with the bobbin as it will only occasionally collect the top thread when the needle comes down, I'll take it to my repairer next week. I didn't expect it to be perfect, especially coming from an antique shop and this seems to be the only problem with it. I found so much tangled thread around the bobbin holder, no wonder it's out.

PS. Thanks again everyone for the get well wishes!


  1. Hey Fer..... Hope you have a top weekend at Bruny..
    Ask your sewing machine repair man about replacing the tension disks.. We got new ones for the machine at work and I am sure they cost hardly anything... Just kicked back and eating tea and having a well earnt scotch...
    I hope you get to have some rest this weekend also...
    Cheers Nannette

  2. Oh, what a family you have!

    I'm not sure how you feel about getting stuff internationally off of eBay, but there are parts such as the tension discs and such available, at a reasonable cost... I think.

    I'm still waiting for my featherweight to come into view... I think I will have to increase my "bottom" line... they seem to average out at $250CA... my limit was $200CA. *sigh*.

    I have the top done... going to add the borders to my contest quilt tonight... and then sandwich, quilt and bind Sunday.

    Saturday I am taking a Curved Piecing class. Should be fun!


  3. LOVE your Singer collection!! Your Bernina's in good company ;)