27 March 2008

chain piecing is nice

From the moment I learnt chain piecing I never looked back, it made the building of a quilt so much more achievable and in a shorter space of time. I remember the first course I went to (all those years ago!) which was organised by my quilt group and being told off because I reversed at the start and finish of every seam!

The baby quilt I'm making at the moment has more information here and is a great simple quilt to make, so far at least. I'd love to hand quilt this one but it would be third in line in that department so machine quilting it is, again using the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid!)How's this for pretty groovy. Ant has been keeping an eye on Ebay to see what else can be bought for a Featherweight and maybe build up a little stock pile for my birthday (bless him). He showed me this last night and it nearly blew me away. As most of us would know the older machines only do a straight stitch, so this attachment actually grips the fabric and moves it from side to side - thus creating a small satin stitch. So cool. There's also a similar type of attachment for zig zag. How's that for lateral sewing!


  1. Jen,

    How wonderful!

    I'm glad you were not turned off by those who "jumped all over" you for reversing... how inconsiderate of them.

    Ant is too cool! I hope you'll make something special for him!

    Are you still working on the APQ BOMs? I'm trying to decide if it is worth still doing them... there are only 2 or 3 of us. I'm wondering if I should just make a page on my blogsite. What do you think?


  2. he he he. It was only the teacher who told me off thank goodness, and she has a reputation for being rather abrupt. Fortunately I give it to her as good as I get so we get on famously!

    Good question about the BOM's. I want to keep going with them and usually do one between projects. Maybe when you load the next one on the APQ site ask for everyone's opinion then?


  3. Thanks... I will do that.

    No one has asked about them.. and its been over a month since I last posted. Although if you are still interested, I can put them on my blog page. *wink*

    Hey... guess what.

    I am thinking of entering a quilt competition. Design, make a quilt in a weekend, and post a picture. Winning quilt will be featured in a fall magazine and $200 gift certificate.

    I'm going to do 2 blocks tomorrow... and then decide which I will make into a quilt this weekend. (if I have the fabric... that could be a problem).

    Thanks for your insight!


  4. You go girl! That would be $200 towards a Featherweight!

    I know you're capable of it!

  5. It would... except it is a gift certficate, for their online store. Which is okay... lots of cool things they have. *grin*

    I did one block today... I will not be making that into a quilt in a weekend. Several 1 1/2" pieces... and HSTs that measure to that size... yikes.

    I have another block I am thinking of doing... all rectangles and squares... but strip piecing would definitely work better for it. I'm thinking of using a "sewing notion" fabric I have... with a coordinating one colour family fabric... I'm hoping to do it this weekend. But I don't think I can post a picture if I'm sending it in to the competition.

    The other block I made today... will be a block I use for my sister-in-law for their 25th Anniversary next year. It looks great... that one I CAN post a picture of.

    Thanks for your encouragement!


  6. congrats on the mention in the APQ newsletter... *grin*...