03 March 2008

and about those oysters....

News just in - the barge is found! (so no need to keep looking Alice!) Ant had a phone call from another grower near by, apparently it's washed up in the northern part of Great Bay - so it never even made it into the channel. *Phew*

So the above photo is of Ant and Debbie (the other partner in the lease) using the new barge, works a treat. We just have to get hold of a suitable/adaptable trailer for it as this one is for a boat and doesn't quite fit the bill.

For the first time I took the camera out onto the water with me, securing it around my neck with some string and stuffing it down the front of my waders. I enjoyed getting some close up shots.

There's a lot to see at low tide, and nothing to be seen at high tide - except for maybe the top of a tall post and the boundary markers.

At home again and I've finished the roman blind for the dining room. I've posted the photo on Flickr so go have a look-see. Only one more to go, yay!


  1. Yay, I'm glad. I don't have to head down to the water to look... although I was slightly suspicious of a piece of wood I saw down there!


  2. Awesome news about the barge... funny when I hear that word i think of my bum....

    Cheers Nannette