24 March 2008

it was seafood heaven

Unfortunately I never managed to take a photo during the entire weekend so I've had to rely on an old one showing Ant bringing in the fishing net. What I'm trying to show in this photo is the expanse of Great Bay right on our doorstep, which is where we went a-fishin'.

We took the boat out, oh yeah, the boat -
Our new pride and joy (Lucy likes the smell of it, that's about it for her!). We've been wanting a boat for a while and this little trouper is just perfect for the two of us to dive and fish from - AND - I don't get sea sick in it. (Oh and Shannon, there's the photo of the container in the back yard I told you about!)

Anyways, we took the boat out on Saturday and Sunday. Diving for scallops first and fishing for flathead second. We love this fish, cook it in so many ways it still tastes wonderful and there's an abundance of good size fish to be had. I think the boat has paid for itself already!!

A lot of the scallops were undersize but we still managed to bag ourselves a good catch. In Tasmania the scallop rules are 50 per bag per day and 100 in your posession - we fell a fair bit short of this but that doesn't matter. If you're caught flouting the law then the authorities will take your away fishing licence, your boat, your car and whatever else they deem appropriate. So with this in mind most people are pretty good.

And of course we had fresh scallops and flathead for dinner Saturday night, cooked over the camp fire - perfect!


  1. MMMMM.... my tummy is grumbling over the imagined smells and tastes of this campfire feast.

    I must admit my epicurean tastes this past weekend were nothing close to yours! LOL.


  2. Oh yummmm I luuuurv Scallops....
    I know flathead is nice too but I hate bones in fish... yeah I know..lazy eater... haha
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...
    I hope you have a good week...

  3. Sounds like a pretty fun day :)

  4. Thanks all!

    Thanks Felicia for stopping by too! :o)