20 March 2008

meet the Eric's

Sorry for the dodgy photo, I don't like using the flash but at least you get the general idea.

I've had the Eric's for a few years now and have seen many house moves. A Hobart woman made and sold them at Salamanca Market, then she went and had a baby so that seemed to be the end of that - otherwise I probably would've bought more! They're all made from recycled wood and metal, for instance the body of the rooster is made from a skirting board and some of the wings are from corrugated iron sheets - I like that.

They are all named Eric after a Monty Python sketch from Monty Python's Previous Record, which I can still recite word for word -

"Hello, I'd like to buy a fish licence please"

"A what?"

"A licence, for my pet fish, Eric"

"How did you know my name was Eric"

"No no no, my fish's name is Eric. Eric the fish, he's an halibut"

.......you get my drift....... (the sketch is called 'Eric the half a bee')

Happy and safe Easter one and all!!


  1. Your "Eric's" are very whimsical.

    I'll bet you are glad they are on display now!


  2. Love your Eric's... Hope you have a gr8 easter..
    And yes.... considering what i have to work with no woner I am a mess come Sunday night!!! hahaha

  3. There's nothing so odd about that!

    All of my possessions are called Eric, including my father, Eric and Aunt Eric, and her Sample, Eric.

    Have a Hobart Muddy for me!