28 March 2008

which Jane Austen heroine are you?

Click on the image to take you there.
Apparently I'm Elinore Dashwood - practical, down to earth with emotions that run deep although I'm not sure about being tremendously sensible!

I came across the quiz on this site while doing a bit of blog surfing. Don't really have time for that today but hey, how could I resist!

So which are you?


  1. Elinor Dasherwood here too.

    Scary stuff! LOL

    -ps... this is weird... it won't let me use my wordpress ID, ironically I just got a "google" ID yesterday...

  2. I am Marianne Dashwood.... yeah I think we sorta enjoyed our day without the boss about... flat out... and at times a bit stressed... but we got it all done and worked well ...
    I am sure the boss will hear all about it on Monday

  3. I'm Elinor too! Did this a year or so ago, but "I haven't forgot, you see"! Ah sisters...


  4. I am an elinor too!!! Gee, there are a few of us!! Gotta love Jane Austen