09 April 2008

me was a bit crook

In Australia 'crook' can also mean sick - "I was crook in the guts" or "that looks a bit crook" etc etc.

So last Thursday my sinuses became inflamed and when that happens I know a beauty of a cold is lurking, waiting to pounce, no matter what I do. Even today I'm still very 'claggy' and I miss not being able to smell the evening meal when I make it. Although, as I am want to say "she'll get there"....

All I felt like doing over the weekend was hand quilting (see above). Most quilter/crafters will say that they hate being idle, and I'm one of them. I should have stayed home from work on Friday but that would only have frustrated me. It was bad enough not being able to get into the garden on the weekend, especially with the perfect Autumn weather we're having after that awful storm last week.

So enough of my moaning and groaning. I've got a lot more energy now and have finished re-upholstering those stools (scroll down to see the 'before' photo) -

Ant eventually got around to cutting the foam from his work after we had altered the shape of the wooden bases. The fabric is rather gastly but it's from a left over roll that Ant had a couple of rocking chairs re-covered in which also live at the shack, so this way they all match. The Thug also came in handy as I did proper side panels on the seats and backs. He's a good beasty that Thug.

You may also see in the above photo, sitting on the reading chair next to The Thug an overlocker (serger). My mother-in-law doesn't use it any more and has let me borrow it, sort of indefinitely, or until her own daughter wants it, which is only fair. I haven't even had a chance to try it yet, what with being sick and making baby and doggy quilts. I've even bought a couple of cotton knit fabrics and are just itching to try my hand at it, we're off to Bruny this weekend so who knows when it's going to happen?


  1. Jen,

    I hate being sick too. But I am glad to hear you are feeling better, and almost back to your self.

    Your hand quilting is great. That's a really great picture too!

    The stools are coming along nicely. I can't believe how talented you are. Home decor, upholstery, clothing, quilting.... and sew much more!

    Catch you soon!


  2. Wow, you wouldn't know they were the same stools! You've done well for someone feeling so seedy. Hope you're feeling better soon

  3. Get better soon Fer! *Big Hug*

  4. Thank you people! The nose is still gunked up and driving me around the bend.

    Maybe the sea air this weekend will help. :o)

  5. Love your photo with the hand quilting - makes me wish for a little break in the hectic schedule - but I don't want to be sick! Glad you're feeling better.