22 May 2008

pumpkin harvest

We've had our first real heavy frost for the Autumn, which is very pretty but so so cold. It was also a good excuse to light a fire in the sewing room, I had no complaints -

Today was one of those days when I really had to drag myself away from sewing, I could've stayed there and kept that fire burning. Instead I rugged myself up to the max and jumped on the deadly treadly and peddled to work. *sigh*


  1. I take it, it will be pumpkin soup for tea tonight. I might have to get you to drive me home from the pub, later this evening, for tea.


  2. Shit! It was cold! I had covered my windscreen but it refroze in the time it took to jump in and head down the road. I turned into the rising sun and the whole windscreen turned opaque white! I had to get out with my little towel and rub and rub. Then when I arrived at school, I found I had forgotten my glasses and had to turn around and go home again. Ah, these senior moments!

  3. I just got completely distracted by how beautiful your fireplace is! I want to kick Lucy out of the way and take her place!

  4. You would certainly get "The Look" from our Miss Lucy, that's HER spot!! :D

    It is a lovely fireplace, we also have one in our bedroom and yes we do use it - so romantic!! ;)

  5. Oh that fire looks so inviting!!
    I would have stayed and sewed there for sure!! Cathyxx

  6. I would love to join you, in your sewing room with the fire.

    Or I'll just curl up with Lucy...


  7. How nice to have a fireplace in the sewing room! I just can't get over that our flowers are just starting to bloom here in Manitoba, mowed the lawn yesterday and just getting ready for deck weather that will be here very shortly. There you are, hunkering down for the cold snap! The world is very interesting. Keep warm and quilt lots.