19 May 2008

more adventures

The Bruny Island Boat Club, of which we are members, booked 2 of the Bruny Island Charters boats for the day last Saturday. So Ant and I took some time off from oyster farming and climbed on board. The weather was perfect despite the forecast and the atmosphere on board was very jovial to say the least. The picture below is going past Fluted Cape -
And this one is of The Finger, which we had just sped through. So cool.

I've even uploaded some video footage I took of Breathing Rock onto Youtube, another of the sights to see. Oh and that's not me talking in the background! edit - finally worked out how to post the video here, not as hard as I thought! -

So, after all this frivolity it's time to get back to the sewing room.

Before I forget, whatever became of skirt #7? Have a look over here.

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