13 May 2008

mothers day on the Walls of Jerusalem

Not your typical Mothers Day but this just made it all the more special. Ant's Mum is in the lead and mine's bringing up the rear, with my Dad in the middle. I think Ant's Dad is obscured by those in the foreground which is a shame, for a 60 something he's incredibly fit - cycling, running and volunteer SES (State Emergency Service - mountain rescue division) so he was carrying an enormous pack with cooking stuff and provisions for any eventuality.

The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is one of many beautiful sights in Tasmania. We had excellent conditions on the trek up to where we could see one of the walls and stop for lunch on a large plateau. This area is dotted with ponds and small lakes, with stands of pencil pines and eucalypts scattered across the landscape. Just as we're about to make our descent the weather turned and the clouds gathered round us. Fortunately there was no rain but I felt like we were walking through a Peter Dombrovskis photo.
This is one of the small ponds we passed. You can see how the landscape would be completely covered in snow during winter.

Presents for Mothers Day are fairly simple, as I usually do more for their birthdays instead. My Mum received some fabric coasters from Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. Mum gave me the book for my birthday last year and this is the first chance I've had to make something from it.
I blogged a while ago about ordering this pattern, which I made for Ant's Mum. When I showed it to Ant he asked for one too, his birthday is in July so I should be able to bung off another one by then.

So happy belated Mothers Day to all those mums out there, especially my Ford Mum too. Hope you all had a special day.


  1. I noticed your wonderful sewing machine in the background of the photo. I've had mine for almost 30 years and wouldn't be without it.

  2. It was a great way to celebrate Mothers Day. As Anthony said during the walk if you made a bet that his mother would never get up to the Wall of Jerusalem a couple of Christmas ago you would have taken $100 at 100 to 1. You would have lost your money on Sunday. For somebody who would battle to walk 600 metres to work 2 years ago she did a wonderful job. The Western Tiers are not safe now with her on the lose.

  3. Sounds like a marvelous day, and your photos are wonderful.

    I feel like I'm there.