02 September 2008

we sew

Ant's been working on the restoration of his Mini Moke, with one of the 'to do's' being the re-upholstering of the seats - which of course is something we can do ourselves.
The seats and backrest cushions have a back that extends around the metal seat frame and are laced at the back. Ant's done most of the assembly however he's 'let' me attach the cushion section to the back. It's actually not as hard as we thought.
We'd like to get this bit done so we can take part in the Moke Fest at Campbell Town in a few weeks. As it's only about an hours drive away we feel confident the little car can make it that far... :)

So I found some lining for Ant's dacks.

As thought, these trousers have been a real challenge - but then they are proper dress pants with loads of fiddly bits. There's not too much more to do but I've been finding that I need little diversions to keep me 'sewing sane'.
That's just a taste of what's to come. I've also been needing a new dog walking track suit type jacket, so out comes the overlocker/serger and a nice simple pattern has been purchased. I already had the knit fabric.Nice.


  1. Gosh Jen you are powering through the projects. I must admit I have never tackled car upholstery but I did make two blue velvet heart shaped cushions for a boyfriend's panel van once. (Oh my did I just admit to that?!).

    Ant's pants are the ants pants!


    (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)

    Your new walking suit looks pretty mic. Can't wait to see it all finished. I'll be dusting off my overlocker soon to start on my sewing.

    Have fun at the Moke Fest it sounds like a lot of fun.

    Ann :)

  2. Wow!! You have been busy!! The Mok Fest sounds like heaps of fun!! Cant wait to see all your finished projects! Cathyxx

  3. A man at a sewing machine - I'm totally impressed!

  4. Wow Jen what an undertaking on the restoration. That industrial singer is really coming in handy. I have to admit I wouldn't let my husband near my sewing machine. I also have never seen a Moke before. At almost 50 I guess this old girl can learn a few new things. It sounds like soooo much fun.
    Take care, Debra

  5. Hi Jen, I found your blog through Wanna's...

    I am so envious of your sewing! I would love to know how to sew but am just not that patient or talented. I have a sewing question for you though - I have 3 50's -
    60's coats that need the lining replaced (it's tearing left right and centre!) The material of the coats is wool of different...er...types I guess! LOL! I have no idea! Would you recommend I get someone to re-line them in the silky lining material that's in them at the moment, or something more durable?

    They are such great coats, I can't bear to not wear them anymore. One I bought for 3 pounds in Fishguard, Wales, UK. Years later I was in a taxi in Sydney and the driver said "Is that Welsh tweed? I'd know it anywhere!" Can you believe that? It's orange, green and brown checks...

    Anyway sorry for the coat rant! You have a great blog...


  6. A mini moke used to be one of my big dreams. I'm envious.

    I like your pants lining too, I've got a little stash of that - bet you know where I've been shopping. We'll probably bump into each other there one day.