12 September 2008

friday fluff

Courtesy of the Darwin Awards, this one tickled my fancy -

February 2005, Canada | Canadian winter nights are long and usually quiet, but one exception was the night Constable Morgan responded to a drunk driver call. He caught up to the errant driver and fell in behind in order to establish the commission of the crime. In a short distance, the driver missed a curve and slid into a snow bank. Morgan switched on his lights, stopped his patrol unit, and approached the driver's door.

The driver decided to flee. His tyres, mired in the snow, spun wildly but the car went nowhere. Constable Morgan thought he would have a little fun. He began running in place alongside the driver's window. The driver was surprised to see the Constable keeping up with his car. The speedometer read 100 kph.

Constable Morgan broke the window glass with his flashlight and ordered, "Pull over!" The driver's response? He jammed the pedal to the metal!

The car's speedometer had reached 175 kph yet, astonishingly, the Constable was keeping pace and ordering the driver to stop. Finally, convinced he was never going to outrun the fleet-footed officer, the drunk man let off the gas, turned the wheel, and brought his car to a "stop." The Constable escorted the man to his patrol vehicle, which had magically followed the two on their mad dash across the snow-covered tundra.

The man was charged with DWI, speeding, and failing to yield to a policeman. Brought before the judge for arraignment, the man, who had not quite regained his wits, saluted the incredible athletic prowess of the local officers.

And the reason why my ugly mug wasn't in the photo of the last post was because the camera was perched on the ironing board with the self timer going! Whereas I took the photo of Ant. Anyway, there's a picture of my head on the side bar if you need a reference - I was having a good hair day when that one was taken. :)

We're off to Bruny again this weekend to keep them pesky oysters under control. Actually, the oysters aren't the problem - only the weather and the tides.

Have a good one peoples.


  1. Hey Jen... Have a top night and I hope the weather is kind to you for the weekend...
    Just sitting by the fire with my lappy and a nice glass of scotch.. Mark is out at the new BBQ cooking grooten free sweet chilli and plum sausages.. yummoooooooo

  2. Lovely Story!!! It would be hilarious, but unfortunately I can relate to Mr Alcoholic Thicky!! I dont even need booze to be dumb!!Cathyxx

  3. Hi Jen,

    Here is the link for my dress. It looks better in person and I had it created in all European Taupe.I hated seeing it is now on sale.
    Thanks for asking.

  4. That's hilarious!

    And I love your new banner, where'd you find the photo? (Is it from your family archives or anything?)