19 September 2008

friday fluff

<- Look over there, yes there, to the left, did you notice this blog now has 3 columns?

I've been wanting to do this for a while because I didn't like how everything was stuffed down the right hand side and as a marketing strategy, I felt it was important to make my Etsy shop prominent.

A lot of Typepad bloggers have this option as standard but Blogger didn't in it's array of templates. So a while ago I found out about Blogger Buster, a site dedicated to helping Blogger users customise their blogs.

To make 3 columns means altering the HTML code of your blog (and works best if you're already using the 'Minima' template). Yep, that can be daunting but if you copy the entire HTML code and paste it into a Word document before you make any changes then you've got an instant back up. The last thing I wanted was my banner in a side bar and a photo of Lucy where a post should be! Amanda's instructions are pretty clear but you really have to make sure you understand the procedures before attempting anything, and she'll always reply to any questions you make.

So no oysters this weekend, on Sunday we're off the the Moke Day at Campbell Town - weather permitting. Should be fun, providing the little car makes it there!

Oh and no post should go without a photo -


  1. Havce fun on Sunday!!! What a cute Mock!! Cathy.

  2. Hi. Good to see another Moke on the road in Launceston. Just got my babe back on the road after a couple months lay-up whilst overseas.

    Hope the weather improves, but nevertheless will be hopefully meeting you guys at the Perth Caltex 10.30 If you would like to meet in Lonnie you can email me: awardatutas,edu.au


  3. I like the new look page Jen. Have a great time at the Moke Day - it should be loads of fun!

    Cheers, Ann