21 September 2008

don't mock the Moke

Seriously, these people love their Mokes.

Us Northerners met up at Perth before travelling in a convoy to Campbell Town. The day was very very windy but this didn't dampen our spirits.There's our 'Yellow Devil' in the middle there. We waited here a little while so the Hobart group could meet up with us, compare cars and then move on to another location that would provide a good photo opportunity.
So in all we had 19 Mini Mokes in one gathering, the organisers think this may be a new record as the previous was 13. This is a world record mind you! Edit - this is only for the International Moke Day events. The Moke Fests can draw up to 150 Mokes (imagine that!)
It was interesting to see how each car varied. Canopies were different, some had roll bars, some had their original paintwork and some didn't. Some were a beautiful example of restoration work - these people really like spending money on their Moke. If there were awards handed out then we would receive one for the most amount of rust! Oh well, time and money ....... time and money.


  1. Looks like the weather held out for you today then!!!
    How exciting!! Look at those beautiful mokes... very very much loved!
    I made a wee purchase myself this weekend...*oops*

  2. Colourwise they're like a packet of Smarties! Thought of you out and about on such a chilly Spring day. Do Mokes come with heaters?

  3. Was great to meet you and Ant.... Hope the trip home was not too rough. Ripped a door on the way home...So much wind...one stage foot on the floor and only hitting 60.....Hope that you do not become a moke widow too soon! Keep in touch

    Oh meant to mention that I saw your bags at Cocoon on the weekend...very nice...are you going to be selling your skirts...they look very beautiful

  4. Soo... that's what a Moke is!

    I had never seen one before. They are definitely unique vehicles. What fun it sounds like to have a gathering of them.


  5. Car enthusiasts are a breed of their own with their own language and rituals. Still, Mokes are loads of fun (except when it's cold and raining).

    The cars look terrific all lined up in their cheery colours. Glad you had a great day!

    Cheers, Ann

  6. Looks like it was a great day.
    I have never seen these vehicles.
    Jen they look like sooo much fun.

  7. Wow, didn't know there were so many Mokes around these parts. Great photos, Jen.

    Rolli (ODP)