23 September 2008

getting the better of spring rain and wind

and how do I do that? Why, go and buy a new Bernina!Well, newer Bernina.

It's brought a little ray of sunshine into the sewing room.

It's a 1230 with lots of beautiful bells and whistles. I've been asking the owners of my local sewing shop on a regular basis if they had got in any secondhand Berninas - as they advised me to check now and again. So when I picked up the overlocker/serger last week from being serviced I asked the question (for only the third time I think) and there she was - Beatrice (no not Bernadette!!). She was also a price I could afford, a fraction of the cost of a brand new machine.

We still have to alter the sewing table my Dad made for Bertie the 830, as you can see here it has a wooden plate which slots around the free-arm - rather than using the metal one it came with. I've propped up the 1230 a bit with a thick piece of foam so the plate just clears the table, this way I can still comfortably machine quilt if need be. So of course I had to start using it straight away and finish the apron (Simplicity pattern 2932) I had been working on. You can see why I needed one, the old apron was well past its use by date!
Lucy didn't want to be left out either.....


  1. Ahhh so we both bought new toys... Lucky you....
    I am sure we will both get happiness out of them!!
    I love the new apron..simply gorgeous... But I must say I think you were born in the wrong era... you would have loved being about in my grandma's days... Your apron brings back fond memories of my nan and grandmas aprons.....My mum still wears them too!

  2. Oh and I meant the era thing in the nicest possible way..like how you love your old furniture and crockery etc... and doing things the ol fashioned way... *sheesh* am I digging myself into a bigger hole here... haha

  3. Congrats on the newer toy! Oh wow I love the apron too. Very Lucille Ball, I need to make one. Although I was just recently given by friends of mine and I like it too. I am book marking this pattern when I am ready to do it, I will!

    Jackie Davis
    missionary in Guatemala

  4. Gosh Jen, it's a corker! I bet it sews well too. Your new apron is tres chic and Lucy is as gorgeous as ever.

    Cheers, Ann

  5. Gorgeous apron! Very sexy....Cathy

  6. Jen you must be thrilled with the new machine. The apron is just too cute.
    Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!

  7. That apron is gorgeous! Congrats on the new machine too. Hope it gives you many years of enjoyment!