17 September 2008

as promised ...

A better photo of Ant's shirt, pretty groovy eh?
I should also include a lovely 'before and after' photo of the Moke seats. All the cushions are completed now so the second lot just have to be put on and the seats re-attached to the car. These cars are pretty small so these seats are virtually hard up against each other. Ant likes that, as he sometimes drives with his left arm around my shoulders - aint he sweet.

And this little kitty has proven that she's a very quilty cat. She tries to burrow underneath and gets all excited if you poke and play with her while she's under there - a little too excited at times though. I recieved a nasty little jab from a wayward claw so she was told off and banished to her bed. Kitty has to learn scratching is bad. And the quilt she's playing with? It's not finished yet so you'll have to wait and see!


  1. Hey Jen,
    What a wonderful shirt!!! Love the fabric. The seats are really great.
    Can't believe you can do that yourselves. I am in awe.
    As far as the Kitty. Sounds like fun, but the claws are little dangerous.
    Still a beautiful Kitty.
    Take care, Debra

  2. Ant's shirt is terrific Jen - great fabric too! I'm amazed that you would tackle the upholstery on a car but it seems straight forward enough. I have a chair that belonged to my grandmother that I want to re-upholster but haven't had the courage.

    Your puddy-tat is adorable but those claws can be hurty. Watch out!

    Cheers, Ann

  3. Hi Jen,

    Ant's shirt is the bomb!

    Great job on the car seats, too!

    Kitty, is she new? Shauna thinks she looks like our Tazzie.

    LOL - Sorry, I have to laugh at the claws... if she is still quite young, and you are poking at her... you have to expect her to defend herself. Poor Jen! I'm sure she'll learn quick though!