11 April 2013

Giving in to my whims.....

Even though the weather has cooled favourably the outside 'to do' list is somewhat overwhelming.  Add to this a nearly four year old who sticks to me like glue and wants to know about everything I pick up.  Although thankfully I seemed to have avoided the "why.... why..... why....." phase as I mostly try to answer questions with a question.

So what do I do?

I knit....

...and come up with this -
for my boy (Ravelry link here)

Plus this -
because my girl asked for yellow socks.

Then something for my sister which I dare not show yet because her birthday is next week.

And now this -
for a friends little girl.

Even the sewing machine has taken a back seat.  Every time I approach it I loose all enthusiasm (except for the family mending - for some reason I still enjoy this...), so I figured "why push myself?"  Why struggle through a project only to make mistakes and burst into tears when I'm not happy with the end result.  I'm happy knitting at the moment, it means I can be with the children with needles in hand, ready to put aside when I'm needed.  The outside 'to do' jobs are still there, but my children are only young once and I need to make the most of that while I can.


  1. I'm hearing you on that highly portable, easy pick-up-put-down-able knitty therapy!

  2. I think it is something like desserts. Sometimes you crave chocolate cake and that's all you want. Then for no discernible reason, you suddenly want butterscotch pudding and won't even look at chocolate cake. Doesn't mean you don't like it anymore, just means you've had your fill for awhile. Go with the flow!


  3. You need a small hand piecing project Jennifer!

  4. You are so right! The children will be grown and gone before you know it! Enjoy them while you can. They will love all those cute things you are knitting for them! ---"Love"

  5. Enjoy every minute of these early years. They speed by way too fast. So knit and enjoy!

  6. Hey! I had this "I don't want to sew" issue last year when I had surgery. I picked up knitting, too! I now own a bunch of handmade socks (and then I moved to tropical Florida!) Hopefully your items will get a little more use.... :) Theri

  7. Keep knitting I say Jen...just like the comment above...go with the flow! I reckon the urge to sew will come back... Just right now knitting is perfect for you and so portable!