12 March 2013

Indian Summer

 I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a summer person.  Autumn, winter and spring are my forte.  I can tolerate summer for only so long, and then my patience wears out.  The constant heat, not being able to sleep comfortably, having to stay inside to keep cool, and try to keep little ones entertained while stuck inside becomes all too much.  I start pining for autumn.  In all it's golden splendour, crisp mornings and turning leaves.
In the meantime, late in the afternoon, I throw and few buckets of cold water into the paddling pool and let the children do their thing.  It's been the highlight of their day (I'm not a fan of public pools and we're too far from the beach), and seems to release a lot of tension.  For all of us.....

I'll happily sit by with a cold chardonnay and occasionally dip my feet in (yep, that's my hammer toes in the top photo....), but I usually try to have knitting needles in hand.
Ravelled here.

I often find myself knitting as much as I can in summer.  Maybe it's a futile attempt to bring winter on early, or a reminder that winter will come, in all it's chilly glory.  It also reminds me of when I was a teenager, watching the winter Olympics whilst munching on ice in my water.  I liked the fact that these Olympics are always in the northern hemisphere so it's on during our summer.  Seeing all that snow and ice probably didn't make me any cooler, but I liked to imagine it did.


  1. I HEAR YOU.

    OH, I DO.

    Saturday and Sunday = 22 and showers. I have my eye firmly on the prize. The Bureau of Meteorology had better not change their minds.

    In the meantime your Swing Thing is gorgeous (I knew it was a Swing Thing!)...

  2. Hang in there, cooler weather is on its way for you. I must be ready for a bit of warm weather cause the kids pool looked really good to me LOL.

  3. Love your knitting! Hope you get relief from the heat soon. We've had several cold nights, but the rest of this week should be perfect! I hope! It's good to see the kids again! ---"Love"

  4. Great idea Jen to put your tootsies in the pool and sip a chardonnay with knitting in hand!

  5. Oh Fer, I'm with you. Enough of summer already - it's like re-runs of M.A.S.H. It just never ends! I envy you your knitting. Had to give it up as the wrist aches like crazy after just a few rows.

  6. I missed these last two posts, you've dissapeared from my blogger list for some reason! I need summer here or even spring, we've had the coldest longest winter in forever. -2 it was at 8am the other morning, in April! The children have got huge, not surprising they do tend to grow...Karen x