05 November 2009

still sewing

Amazingly, but as this girlie grows she's sleeping less (naturally) so time is precious and my nearly-six-month-old is entering the clingy phase. And you know, I actually don't mind that. It's nice to have someone who's so dependant on me, who takes comfort in my presence. Also, I'll lap it up now because I'm sure there'll be a time when she doesn't even want to know me! Bless 'er.........

So I squeeze in some sewing here and there, although what with Tamsyn's christening and family staying, along with the Mini Fest in Hobart last weekend things have been rather mad of late.

For those who have known me long enough may remember this quilt, made in memory of my friends dearly loved Weimarana dog Char (blogged about it here). Rosie was left with Char's granddaughter Yazmin, who unfortunately had to be put to sleep a few weeks ago due to pancreatic cancer and tumurs on her lungs. I wanted to make something in memory of dear Yazzi too but knew it would take forever to make a quilt, and I wanted to make something that would complement the quilt anyway -
Even though the Char Quilt was a surprise the Yazmin Cushion wasn't, but this allowed Rosie to supply the photo she wanted and compose a lovely little message.

But what's this about Mini Fest you say? I'll leave that for the next post, in the meantime here's a little sample -


  1. Your little one is so adorable. I love the photo of her peeking out of her car seat. And gorgeous christening too.Hold on close-they grow so fast!!!
    What a gift you made for the loss of their beloved pet. It touched my heart and I know it will touch theirs Jen.

  2. Now I'm looking forward to this mini fest at HObart...doesn't she look so cute sleeping away there...enjoy it all Jen, I'm with Wagonwife...they grow so quickly♥x

  3. I remember the Char quilt. Very touching. How sad that they have lost Yazzi as well. It's not easy. Your cushion is a nice touch. Tamsyn looks pretyt comfortable there. She's a mini girl for a mini..(sorry about that). Ann :)

  4. I am really touched by the lovely pillow and tribute paid to Yazmin. She sounds like such a devoted happy little soul, and I am sorry it was her time to pass.

    Seems like just yesterday I held my girls in their Christening gowns... hold on tight and keep enjoying the ride as the years fly by. (Speaking of rides, Tamsyn certainly knows how to travel in comfort!)

    Also, thanks for telling me about Wagga quilts, I had never heard of them before but after doing a google search I am completely smitten... very much in line with the old American utilitarian quilts and also the Japanese Boro work I find so intriguing!