16 November 2009

Mini Fest 2009

Our Moke is still mid-restoration, but thankfully we had the use of my sisters Mini (far right). Even though purists will argue that the 'new Mini' is just not in league with the old Mini, it didn't stop us from joining in with the fun.

There were some serious Moke enthusiasts who came from the mainland (mostly Victorian - one from NSW too!), so they took a few days to soak in some of the sights Tasmania has to offer. The above photo is on top of Mt Wellington.

Mini's from all eras were welcomed, and seeing how Renee was in Melbourne we took her Mini to help boost the numbers. The organisers were very pleased with the turnout - just over 300 Minis and 20 Mokes participated. And it didn't rain.
There was even some motoring greats, such as this Bathurst winner. (yes, I am a rev head...)
The Mokes looked pretty impressive....
... before being let loose on the streets of Hobart.
And Tamsyn? Well let's just say that I that this maybe the beginning of a long love affair with Minis.
The girl had a ball.

More info about Mini Fest here.


  1. It's good to be a rev head!!! We have been on a couple of outings with PT Cruisers...I reckon all cars look great lined up together. JoJo loves Minis...due to Mr Bean...and my Dad loved big American cars!!!

  2. I love this event. I grew up with a father who is a "Motor Head".
    I have to say I still love the car that can produce horsepower.
    Tamsyn is in for a life long love affair with the mini-no question.

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  4. this looks wonderful, we love Minis in this house (used to have one, not now though) and your lounge suite looks amazing you did such a fab job of it!