16 June 2009

Bruny baby

I've been a bit tardy haven't I. It's not that I haven't had anything to blog about, it's more a case of not having time. Last week it was more important to make a new top, as I'm desperate for some post-pregnancy clothes (of which I'll blog about too). So instead of doing one big post I'll try to do a few smaller ones during the week.
Last weekend was Tamsyn's first trip to Bruny and she did really well, despite the weather. There's been record rainfalls down south, some of which we witnessed on Saturday. So while baby was snug (recognise the hat?) her Dad kept working on in the driving rain.
If it wasn't work that absolutely had to be done then we wouldn't even have bothered, but the work was done and Ant is feeling happier for it.
I've also managed to get some bag sewing done. A friend asked for a new backpack to use when they go to Thailand in August, she loves lime green so the Prints Charming fabric was the perfect choice. It was nice to be back on The Thug again too.


  1. Fancy you being too busy to blog. I can't imagine why. (chuckle!!).

    I have been watching the weather reports and read that the north was getting snow. Tamsyn looks so snuggly in her sweet little hat - just like a gumnut baby.

    I can't wait to see what you've been sewing for yourself and the Prints Charming fabric is just that - charming!

    Ann :)

  2. Oh Tamsyn is so cute. Love the hat.
    She looks so snug and warm.

    So sorry Ant is working so hard in the rain. That had to be miserable for him.

    I almost sent fabric as a gift for you, but I thought it would be work you would not have time for now. Oh I wish I had. What do you like? Love to help with your creation.

  3. Those bags are just perfect for travelling! *smiles smugly*

  4. Bruny Baby is sooo cute!!! Cool bag too for your friend♥x

  5. What a cutie pie you have, (and babies do keep one busy, don't they?!) The bag is lovely, I really like the yellow-green fabric!