20 May 2009

thank you all..

.. for your lovely comments on my last post.

We've been home from hospital since last Friday and are settling in to a new way of life. I've had the adopted parents staying with us as well which has been wonderful, Mum has been spoiling us rotten doing all the cooking until Monday night when Ant offered to make the evening meal (bless him!). It's been hard for me to give up the kitchen but I knew I had to, especially as I'm a kitchen to a certain wee one at the moment anyway. Thankfully my milk is bountiful and Tamsyn's enjoying it a lot.

We had 7 hours uninterrupted sleep last night, let's hope she likes this trend.


  1. Awwwwww.... I just go all funny and melty when I see little angels this size. Your girl was the same birthweight as mine. Mine is now a huge lump of three-year-old jumping on my bed and talking nine-to-the-dozen. Cuddle and gaze as much as you can - angel-stage passes too quickly!

  2. Now that is a splendid sight.

  3. Oh Jen ... She is soooo beautiful.
    Enjoy this time with her and all the help. It takes a little adjustment.
    I am so very happy for you. Blessings to you all,

  4. awwwww she's gorgeous, they are so precious at this age :)

  5. Enjoy the time out from having to do the cooking/cleaning etc. It won't last...
    Baby is just gorgeous, and how neat that the feeding is going well. That certainly helps.
    7 hours... that is neat... hope it lasts!

  6. Hmmmm. Sleeping. Eating. Eating. Sleeping. This is a lifestyle I could learn to enjoy. It would certainly leave more time for sewing. Enjoy it while you can Tamsyn. Soon enough they'll be wanting you to play and learn and all that other crazy stuff adults think is fun....Ann :)

  7. So adorable! I know, I am biased!

    AUNT!!!! Shannon *tee hee!*

  8. What a gorgeous pic!!! Enjoy being spoilt...let's hope Tamsyn keeps up the good sleeping habits!!!

  9. so sweet. enjoy. rest. enjoy some more. xo

  10. Oh goodness!!!!!! Congratulations! Where have I been - she is so so beautiful - big congrats and love to you Fer ... thank heavens for little girls xxx

  11. What a spoiling you are getting! Enjoy it all.

    I've been missing you, but of course I understand. *grin*.


  12. Tamsyn is so cute Jen, look at those adorable little cheeks.