25 May 2009

baby steps

I managed some sewing on Saturday. We needed a 5th birthday present for Ant's niece Laura, and as shopping isn't easy at the moment I thought it might be safe to whip something up. Tamsyn slept really well that day and I felt almost surprised that it came together so quickly. The pattern was from American Patchwork & Quilting's Quilts and More from a few months ago.
The pattern is designed to accommodate crayons but we felt Laura is past that so I increased the width for the sake of pencils. Ant went out and bought a sketch book and the pencils, so it was a lovely team effort.
Ant's auntie has recently returned from a trip to New York city. Before she went she asked me if there were any shops she'd like me to visit, the first (and only) place that sprung to mind was Purl Soho. I've been an avid reader of their blog for a while, as they have so many inspiring ideas and tutorials. I had bought fabric on-line from them in the past, but then the sky-rocketing exchange rate stopped that...

Jane had a blast in the shop, and came away with a great little range of fabrics, mostly Japanese Kokka. I can't wait to use some of it for Tamsyn, just have to wrangle some more sewing time.....

Oh and the Gund bear is for Tamsyn of course.


  1. The pencil case looks great Jen,

  2. I'm so pleased that you have made this Jen, as I'm planning to make one for my newphew in the US - he starts school this year. Like you I want to make it for pencils. Yours looks terrific! *Luverly* fabrics from OS.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  3. Cute Bear!! I have made those pencil rolls too...great for gifts!! Tamsyn sounds like she is behaving beautifully...Yay Team!! Cathyx

  4. What lovely gifts - given and received.

  5. Great pencil case...I'm sure she'll love it!!! And how cool you were able to whip it up while Tamsyn was behaving perfectly...cute bear too♥x

  6. What a great idea to use the pencils and have a stetch book.
    Glad you had a few minutes to create too. It is all about balance.
    The fabrics are wonderful, Tamsyn is a lucky little one to have a Mom as talented as you.
    Take care,

  7. GASP! That pencil case is gorgeous!! You'll have to make one for my kid now! (I know, I don't have one yet, but I'm thinking ahead!)

  8. Lovely!

    I'm a bit late I know (Blaming house moving, total exhaustion and lack of internet), but CONGRATULATIONS!!! Tamsyn looks wonderful and so glad you're going well.

    If you ever want an excuse for a cafe visit give me a yell!

  9. Great idea to make a pencil case! What young girl wouldn't love that? I know i would of... still would actually! The new fabrics are great, too!

  10. I'm sure your niece will enjoy hours and hours of sketching and colouring.

    What a wonderful bounty of fabric. I look forward to see what they become.