15 March 2012

I must do this more often.

Blog about clothes makeovers that is.  I've done quite a bit of it lately and don't have any photos to show for it.  Naughty me.  So here's a fresh start -
A nice little op shop (thrift) find.  An older girls' hipster skirt in little girls' colours.  I knew I'd regret it if I didn't fork out the $2, and felt confident I could convert it into a dress for my girl (I had already taken out the side zip when I took this photo).
I thought I could do enough shirring on the yoke to bring it down to size enough but I think there was too much bulk, and I didn't want to start cutting bits out of it to make the shirring work.  It needed to be simple.  Luckily the skirt was lined, which meant I could sew a few parallel lines of stitching and thread hat elastic through.  Easy peasy, and has also given it a lovely fulness.  Sorry it's not the best photo, we've had a dull rainy day here today and this was the only photo where she kept still.  Although I do like this photo as well -
She's a very busy girl you know......

Oh and that footstool she's leaning against.  That's on the makeover list too.


  1. Very, very cute! It makes the perfect dress!


  2. That is adorable --- and a steal, by the way! ---"Love"

  3. I came out just perfect. Of course with such an adorable model how could you go wrong. Great dress, like that you gave that skirt new life.

  4. Gorgeous! Love the colours in the fabric and the dress is lovely!