23 February 2012


 Counting two, yes two quilts finished this year already.  I can't actually say they were started this year but that's beside the point, getting two quilts finished within two weeks of each other has been a great boost to the spirits.  (and yes, I made a matching hat for Tamsyn's dress)

This first one is Angus' cot quilt, which I started while still pregnant with him.  Thank goodness I finished it before he grew out of the cot.....  It's made from some Heather Ross 'Far far away' fabric (the Owl and the Pussycat is the print in the centre panel).  Being a lovely sturdy cotton linen blend I'm hoping it will withstand some of the treatment that my little bulldozer can inflict.
 Some of you may remember the hexagon star quilt I began way long ago, before children were even a twinkle in our eyes.  So it hardly seems real that I've finished it.  Mostly hand sewn (I only used the machine for adding the border and binding), I wanted to hand paper piece it and use fabrics purely from my stash - some of which would be over 20 years old now.
I also hand quilted it, which is so very satisfying but virtually impossible to do while pregnant.  Hence the delay with completion.  Tamsyn doesn't seem to mind, and has requested it on her bed every night since.  So I'm guessing it's hers now.  Still haven't come up with a name for it either, it's always been called the Hexagon Star quilt....

Also counting: 200 posts!  I know this isn't much of a milestone for a lot of bloggers but for someone who seriously considered to stop blogging altogether mid last year it means something to me.  I want to do a giveaway but haven't quite decided what yet, as the idea is still brewing......


  1. Doesn't matter whether you started those quilts this year, last year or 10 years ago. Point is they are now finished. Congratulations, you done good!


  2. I'm so glad you didn't stop blogging - we love having you around! And the quilty bizzo is downright impressive.

  3. Congrats on the finish Jen...a finish is a finish regardless of when it was started...Good looking tomatoes there...Congrats on the 200 posts, a great achievemnt...

  4. Amazing quilts, I especially love the Hexagon Star quilt. Good job on finishing.

  5. So glad you decided to keep your hand in with blogging. Your quilts look lovely. How long they take doesn't matter a bit. Gosh the wee ones are looking gorgeous. ann :-)

  6. The quilts are so lovely! :)
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)