17 November 2010

Winding down

I'm doing my best to keep up with all the blogs I read, plus being active on Ravelry, and Facebook.  However I fear my motivation to keep my own blog updated has waned.  I think it's more to do with massive baby brain than anything, I try to think of a post to write and my mind literally goes blank.  Well.... that's my excuse anyway...

With only five and a half weeks to go I'm finding myself spending more and more time relaxing on the couch with knitting needles in my hand.  This works well as I can also supervise the wee girl at play.  So without further ado here's some examples of what I've been knitting -
Some pants for Baby, knitted in sock yarn.
A spring top for Tamsyn (Nikki, you'd love this one!)

Something for one of my sisters but it's for her birthday so I can't show it yet.  A couple of other things that I haven't got around to taking pictures of either.  But it's all good and very very satisfying.

So to finish off this meagre post I have to share this photo taken at the recent Teddy Bears Picnic in Launceston's City Park -
Dressed entirely in clothes her Mummy made for her.   :-)


  1. OMG, she is so cute! Your knitting is lovely. Can't wait to see what else comes off your needles.


  2. Jen, Take the time you need to relax. I understand completely. I just love what you create. And the pictures of Tamsyn are always a lift for my day. What a wonderful photo.

  3. Yes - I bookmarked it and then read "Nikki you'd love this"... It's on THE LIST!

    Put your feet up, love, and knit away! Busy times ahead!!

    word verification "rambled"... how did Mr Blogger know?

  4. You are one special Mom! And Tamsyn is one beautiful little girl who will love her Mom for all the beautiful things you make for her and the new baby! What treasures! ---"Love"

  5. Great to see a post from you. The little pants are so cute. So is the quilt underneath.
    Tamsyn is as adorable as ever, she looks like she is enjoying the picnic.
    You take care, rest up.

  6. Your wee girl is gorgeous Jen...keep knitting away and relaxing....and just do what you can!!!

  7. Sounds as though you have the right idea. And, I love little people in 'sock wool' garments.

  8. I think Tamsyn, and little baby-to-be, are about the luckiest little ones around! What you are doing is infinitely more wonderful then worrying about blog posts. (Which is such an energy drainer in my opinion.)
    Enjoy and rest... we'll be here when you do post. :0)