10 December 2009

end of an era

We've sold my little house. I was 31 when I bought this house in July 2000. It came to represent a new beginning and hope for the future, it did that and more. It became my friend.

So it has served it's purpose and I'm moving on, so to speak. I moved out of the house nearly 5 years ago and had been renting it to another family member, but I still pruned the roses each year (in the garden that I made) and kept in touch with the place. Now I'm saying goodbye for good.
Our weekends are pretty much taken up with trips to Bruny Island, as this is the peak harvest time. My time there is mostly taken up with looking after Tamsyn, naturally. But it's nice, we go for walks with the old pram with wheels that were never made for dirt tracks but hey, it's good exercise and I still get time to sit and knit.
Which is nice.
The weather is usually a bit cooler in Tasmania leading up to Christmas, so this gave me a chance to try out Tamsyn's jumper. It's a little bit big still, but oh, she does look so sweet in it.


  1. It's always the end of an era isn't it when selling a house!!! What great weekends it sounds like you are having on Bruny Island...Lovely jumper there, hopefullly it will warm up soon for you♥x

  2. Oh Jen, such a wonderful friend to give you that and more. I am sure it is bittersweet to say goodbye.
    Your little one is so adorable.
    I know I say that all the time, but it is true. Looks like she is loving life with her family.

  3. Farewell, old friend. Is it just me or does anyone else have a little chat to houses once lived in whenever they happen to pass them by?

  4. Tamsyn shows how she enjoys the Island. Always need a jumper for Christmas down here in Tassie.

  5. Leavings are hard, new beginnings are also hard, but so worth it when you settle down and relax again. We have made 2 moves in a year after 16 years in one place very happily, it could of gone all wrong, but it has all worked out perfectly. When the time is right it all goes smoothly.

  6. I don't know how it is possible, but she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

    As for your old home, it is so pretty, I can imagine how hard it must have been to say a final goodbye... but the happy memories will always stay with you, and that's the real gift of a good home. xo

  7. Oh what a shame! You obviously have quite an attachment to the place. I'm not surprised as it is simply charming. Tamsyn's jumper is gorgeous. She is a very stylish young lass. Ann :-)